Cody Addington Ultra4 Off-Road Racing and King of the Hammers


He's an off-roader!

Cody Addington lived the 4x4 "Everyman" dream by tackling the grueling off-road racing course at King of the Hammers in his trail rig with only his determination, his buddy, and a map.  He had no GPS, no high dollar race car, and no multi-million dollar race team to come rescue him with a helicopter!  He just relied on his good ol'fashioned off-roading skills...and in doing so, he became a cult legend in the off-road world.


He's a dreamer!

Cody Addington followed his 4x4 off-road racing dreams and continued to invest in himself, his team, and his quest to become the best Ultra4 racer in the country. While still enjoying his Toyota trail rig, Cody invested in better equipment,gained valuable experience, and built a team that is as much family as it is partners. The results showed. Cody delivered consistent Top 10 finishes, pole positions, and podium finishes!  The time has come for Cody to take the next step.


He's an Ultra4 Race Car Driver!

2018 brought the next step in the Cody Addington 4x4 evolution as he invested in the most winning car in Ultra4 off-road racing history (including the famous King of the Hammers off-road race).  In his first race, the day after he took possession of the car, Cody took the podium at the 2018 Ultra4 Stampede with a 2nd place finish and then followed that up at the next race with a 3rd place finish and another podium.  Cody finished the 2018 season at the National Championships by winning the pole position in qualifying and achieving 5th place in West Coast standings and backed that up a year later with the 4400 Main Event WIN at the 4WP Nitto Tire Ultra4 Racing National Championship!


He Drives the "Most Iconic Vehicle" in Ultra4 Racing!

The "Most Iconic" claim was made by Ultra4 Racing on January 20, 2020!  Some call it the Orange Dragon, some call it the Red Dragon, but I call it the winningest car in Ultra4 Racing and one of the few (if not the only) cars to win a 4400 Main Event with two different owners/drivers.  By today's standards, the Dragon chassis is an antique as it was originally built by Jimmys 4x4 in 2013, but it continues to perform like a champ!  The single seat #888 has a unique IFS front engine design that houses a turn key LS7 with the power transferred to the dirt by Nitto Tires, Vision Wheels, and King Shocks.  It's not often you can hang with an "Icon", but the #888 is a friendly beast so stop by at check it out at the next race!      

2019 4WP Nitto Tire Ultra4 Racing National Championship win!