2019 4WP Nitto Tire National Champion Race Car

THE ULTRA4 RACING 4400 MAIN EVENT!  WOW!!!  First of all, thank you all the family, friends, sponsors, and fans who have supported us on this incredible journey to the podium!  I'm so grateful to be able to do what I love and winning the 2019 4WP Nitto Tire Ultra4 Racing Nationals in this race car is the highlight of my racing career!  We've come a long way from our humble 4x4 beginnings where we completed KOH in an old stock Toyota pickup truck, but at our core we're still just a group of humble, hardworking people who love to race.  Winning Hammers is always the goal, but coming to Wild West Motorsports in Sparks, Nevada and racing in front of the all the fans in the grandstands is a very close second.

Ultra4 Racing Qualifying Run - Cody Addington and his race car make quick work of the first 4x4 uphill section and then flies down the first rock section!  Unfortunately the next little uphill made the better of the car when a mechanical failure in the front drive train leaves the #888 in 2wd at the top of the hill and through the rest of the course.  Luckily we were still able to finish in the 15th spot which put us in the 6th starting spot in heat #3.

HEAT #3 - We had a major 4x4 mechanical failure on our Ultra4 Racing qualifying lap, but thanks to a super cool network of friends and family we were able to get the parts we needed for the race car and have it ready to go in the 4400 Heat #3.  The plan was to qualify for the main without pushing the car too hard. Things were pretty much going as planned....stay calm, drive smart, stay in a qualifying spot, then go back to the pits and re-evaluate the repairs.  Then Levi Shirley showed up....

2020 King of the Hammers

The goal of the Ultra4 Racing King of the Hammers qualifying was to keep the car in one piece and finish in the top 10.  I'm not gonna lie, it's intimidating being in the Power Hour session with some of the best U4 racers in the world, but it's more like a short course than true KOH and that's where I excel.  What I didn't really expect was how bad the sun was going to be...pretty brutal (as you can see in the video).  Final results - qualified in 11th, one spot out of the top 10.

2019 Metalcloak Stampede

Driver's View Qualifying Run

I run a one seat race car so this is the closest you'll ever get to an Ultra4 Racing ride along in the #888!  This 4x4 run qualified me in the 5th position which got me a front row start in my heat which turned out to be a big deal due to the massive amount of rain the night before the big race!

Ultra4 Racing In Car Camera - Lap 1 of Heat #2

Getting the race car out front and staying out front was going to be critical in this heat race due to the mud on the course.  Luckily my 4x4 got into turn one out front and was able to stay relatively clean throughout the first lap.  A few laps later, things changed dramatically......

Heat #2

Thanks to qualifying in the 5th spot I was able to start the heat in the front row and get to turn one in the lead.  Ran a clean race until we had a mechanical issue (you'll notice something a little out of whack in the video) that ended up getting us jammed up and stuck in the rocks.  Still finished in 7th in the 4x4 race car which is good enough to get us directly to the Ultra4 Racing main event.

Ultra4 Racing 4400 Finals!!!

The race car started deep in the pack due to mechanical failure in my heat race!  The goal was to get through the 4x4 masses as quickly as possible so I could get focused on the leaders and hunt them down one at a time